Praying with the Pope in April

Published on 01 Apr 2019
Paul O' Reilly SJ working as a doctor in the Amazon

Doctors and their Collaborators in War-Torn Areas

Let us pray for doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war-torn areas, who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

Pope Francis, April 2019

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God of Kindness,

that you contemplate your Son Jesus,

we feel called to be generous,

to put in first place the needs of our brothers and sisters

before our own comfort and safety.

Help us not to be indifferent and lazy

to perform the well that is within our reach.

We ask that your grace

will be the strength of doctors and the volunteer staff

that serve the victims of war.

Be their refuge in moments of discouragement and tiredness,

so that their example may be light in the midst of darkness.

Proposals for the month

Internalize yourself and share the work of medical institutions and humanitarian collaborators who carry out their mission in war zones, collaborating with whatever is necessary.

Promote, in your community, a moment of prayer for all those who put their lives at risk to help the victims of war.

Personally, or as a group, reflect on how to put the talents of academic and professional formation at the service of our siblings, especially the poorest and those who suffer.

Our Father…

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