New Creation Retreat

We try to grow in our awareness that God can be found in all people, in all Creation, actively at work in the world. Our way of praying helps us to pay more attention to God, and helps us understand and identify God's actions in our lives and in the world around us.

This retreat offers a chance to reflect prayerfully on our relationship to the Risen Lord as we encounter Christ in ourselves, in other people and in the whole of creation. We will ponder how the Risen Lord is present to us. What it means for the Spirit of God to dwell within us in our everyday lives.  The retreat will give us an opportunity to consider how Christ comes to us anew each day just as he came to his disciples on the road to Emmaus, or locked away in an upper room or on the beach after they had returned from fishing.

There are a limited number of spaces to become a part of our online prayer community. There is a sign-in area where you can reflect on the retreat and share your experience of prayer during this time, we also share a video each week for further thought and discussion. Register >>

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