Faces of others examen

Published on 27 Jun 2018
A young woman's face

This examen is from the resource created at Riverview, a Jesuit school in Australia, by Ross Jones SJ, which can be found on the Jesuit Institute website.

1 Become still and settled. Let go of all that is drawing your attention away from this moment.

Give thanks to God for all the people’s faces that come into your life.

Whether they test you or bring out the best in you, they have Christ dwelling in them – even if sometimes in heavy disguise.

2 Ask God for the grace to see Christ in all the faces you have encountered this day.

3 Review the day so far (or the time since your last Examen). Recall some of the significant people you met or with whom you conversed or interacted.

Which were the good experiences? The faces you always welcome?

The ones that brighten up your face and your day. Why do they affect you this way?

On the contrary, which are the faces that annoy you? Or intimidate you? Which are the hostile faces? Why is that? Could you change that reaction or that outcome in any way?

Where are the faces you chose to ignore? The ones from whom you look away? Where you did not want to become engaged? Where your presence, your greeting, your conversation, could have made all the difference.

4 Talk to God about those faces you looked on with life and energy; where you looked with fear and anxiety; and those faces from which you chose to look away.

5 What do you want to do tomorrow, with God’s help?

Conclude by asking Mary’s intercession with the Hail Mary.