Journey into Freedom A retreat for Lent and Easter based on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Image: woman on tightrope

Lent Retreat 2020 Group Leader Registration

Lent Retreat 2020 is a course in prayer based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola. Its aim is to help participants get to know and love Jesus Christ better in order to live a deeper and more authentic Christian life of service.

If you are based in Scotland, please get in touch with ISC, Glasgow to register.

Daily Prayer 

Each day of Lent and for one week of Easter, we provide daily prayer material,  a picture and other reflections. These can be downloaded and printed or viewed online. People can also subscribe to emails.  We'd hope that people spend15 minutes to an hour each day of Lent praying with this material.

Local Group Meeting

You are invited to form a group with friends, neighbours, parishioners and both share how things have gone in your prayer this week.  We also suggest that a new method of prayer or material to be pondered is introduced each week of Lent.  If you want to organise a group we will provide you with helpful written materials each week, so you don't have to be an expert in prayer. 

Please note, we will not be using an automated system to refer people to your group this year as we did in 2019. If you have a group and are open to be contacted, should we be approached by people in your area, let us know.

Would you like to Lead a Group?

If you have a reasonable knowledge of Ignatian Spirituality, understand different methods of prayer such as Lectio Divina, Imaginative Contemplation and the Examen, and would like to lead a group in your area, then get in touch with us.

Location: You will need to find a suitable location for the group to meet once a week.

If this is a public space like a church room, then you will need to check if there will be any charge made, and if so, to ensure that the group can cover this. You may well find that your local church or community would be happy to sponsor and publicise this Lent of Prayer. If you use your own home or other private space, you would be advised to meet any prospective participants who you don’t know in a public space first. 

Prayer Materials: Ideally participants should be encouraged to bring their smartphones to the first meeting so they can find the retreat online. 

Facilitation: Each week you will need to facilitate the group to help them share the fruits of their prayer. 

Group Meeting Outlines:

Meetings: Meetings should be once a week beginning before Lent starts so you can make sure everyone has access to the materials and is ready to begin on Ash Wednesday. The last meeting should be in Easter Week. Meetings should probably last about 2 hours. People always feel more welcome if there is a cup of tea or coffee on offer when they arrive.

Register your interest by filling in the form below. If you have any questions about the form please contact [email protected]

Data protection

Your data will be retained for the following purposes:

To offer you support and resources before and during the retreat

To maintain contact with you after the retreat to evaluate its success and discuss future projects or services which might interest you

Your details will be shared members of the Jesuits in Britain spirituality team and we will only put you in touch with potential group members or other group leaders  if you tick the boxes above. For more information about our Privacy Policy see