Ignatian Retreat Days

Picture of a man meditating on a hilltop overlooking fields with a city in the background

Second Saturday of each month (except August) from 11am-4pm.

Days to pause a while from the business of life to listen, reflect, pray, review and share.

Comments from one who comes regularly:

“They are a chance to renew the intimacy of my friendship with God, a space to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in a way that is relevant and deeply connected to the anxieties and issues that are around my life. The inputs have given me new and fresh ways of looking at familiar events in the Bible and have enabled me to use the time dedicated to private reflection to deepen my experience of prayer. Perhaps the most inspiring and helpful thing has been to listen to the experience of others and to share my own.”

“When I think of the monthly Ignatian Days I always think of the Samaritan woman at the well. She went there to draw refreshing water and the days have a similar refreshing effect on me. The prayer and the sharing are like an oasis."

“The Ignatian Days are a chance to meet Jesus in the Gospel but also to meet him in the other people. Hearing their stories and praying with them helps me to recognise that God moves in all our lives.”

Format of the Day

10:30 Arrival and Coffee
11:00 Opening Prayer and Input
11:30 Silent Prayer and Reflection
12:00 Small groups — a chance to share, listen, and learn from each other
12:40 Drawing the threads together
1:00 Packed lunch — remember to bring one
2:00 Brief input
2:30 Silent Prayer and Reflection
3:00 Small groups — as above
3:40 Drawing the threads together
4:00 Tea and Depart