Group Leaders

Welcome to the resources page for the Lent Retreat!

We have given suggestions for each week’s group meeting, but it is up to you to organise how you feel works best. Feel free to move things around, omit or add things, or change the order of the sessions; you must feel comfortable with your meeting, and in tune with where the partipants are as a group.

The Lent Retreat will be online for participants during Lent with material for each day, and they will be able to subscribe to a daily email. This material is also available as a PDF iconPDF

The materials for weekly sessions are similar as those from the Lent Retreat 2018 in Scotland, so if you led a group there last year you might wish to look at our resources section for more ideas. (Please note the daily retreatant's material is completely new).

Various flyer and poster templates now available: PDF iconA4 Poster.pdf  FileA4 Poster in Word.docx FileA5 Flyer for Lent Retreat.docx

A useful resource is our Resources for Weeks of Guided Prayer and Retreats. You can download the our PDF iconPrayer Guides Booklet as well.

Here are some tips and advice from the St Beuno's Outreach team who have run scripture prayer groups for twenty years in North Wales: PDF iconPraying the Sunday Readings with Prego.pdf