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St Robert Southwell SJ (from 'Times go by turns')
The roughest storm a calm may soon allay  St Robert Southwell SJ
Over the years I have got better at going through things and getting rid of stuff, but I discovered a whole clutch of items from nine or ten years ago that remained relatively untouched, apparently thrown into a cupboard at some point (fortunately...
A person going through some papers
But as my brother pointed out to me, what might be litter to me was a convenient perch to him. I then noticed that this section of waterway was absolutely teeming with small fish swimming in clear, shallow water. Perfect for the kingfisher. I am a...
Street art of a kingfisher spotted in south London
One creature that took my attention was a member of the Gerridae family. More commonly known as water striders, water skeeters, water bugs, pond skaters or water skippers, they are anatomically built to transfer their weight to be able to run on top...
Pond with lily pads
I had left 'just enough' time to get to Mass that morning, by which I mean arriving about one minute before the first hymn starts. The woman was walking quite quickly and the little boy, who was only 8 or 9, hurrying with her. His Dad was on the...
A statue of St Anthony of Padua with the child Jesus
The Benedictus (Luke 1: 78-79)
He will give light to those in darkness, those who dwell in the shadow of death, and guide us into the way of peace  The Benedictus (Luke 1: 78-79) Image: sun rise over mountains
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