Day 8 - Conversion - Going Deeper

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Day 8 - listen here


In this first week of our month with St Ignatius, we have pondered the ways in which God has encountered people in the reality of their lives. God has come to find them, and asked them what they want, who they are looking for … who they really are – the same questions we face in the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises.

Conversion is not about suddenly knowing the ‘right’ answers to these questions, or about re-shaping our own lives into a standard mould or template for a relationship with God. Just as he has done to each of the people we have met this week, God comes to us and issues a radical invitation to each of us to tell our own stories – with complete, sometimes painful, honesty – and, in doing so, to find God always already there in our everyday mess and muddle.

Conversion happens when our answers to those questions about our deepest selves reveal not only our desire and longing for God, but also show us that he has already met us in those places we need him most. The same God who asks us what we are seeking is the answer to that very question, and he will generously and lovingly make himself known to us.

You might like to choose from these resources connected to this week's theme to help with your prayer and reflection:

The Risen Jesus - An imaginative Contemplation Exercise from Pray as you go, focusing on the story of Mary Magdelene.

The Woman Taken in Adultery - an audio reflection written by James Hanvey SJ from the point of view of the woman in John's Gospel.

Read more about Emmaus - an article reflecting on the story of Emmaus and other similar stories in the Bible.

This week's reflections were written by Brian Purfield.

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