Day 5 | 31 days of St Ignatius 2018

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An awareness of sounds exercise to begin this time of prayer...

As in the other exercises, start by sitting in a relaxed position, with your back straight, feet side by side on the floor, and your hands resting gently on your lap. 

Take a few moments to focus on any sounds you can hear outside the room where you are sitting. Try to identify each, and for a moment or two focus on that one alone. 

Without trying to block out those sounds (let them be!) let your attention move inwards, 

to any sounds you can hear within the room where you are - the ticking of a clock, the hum of electrical appliances, etc. For a few moments, let your whole attention be on these sounds. 

Again, without blocking these out, let your point of attention take another step inwards, and be aware of all the 'noise' going on within yourself. This may be physical (the sound of your own breathing), or may be an awareness of the rush of thoughts and feelings passing through your heart and mind. 

Finally, take one further step inwards, and let your awareness come to rest in some quiet, still place and the centre of yourself. Rest there in the quiet for as long as seems good to you. 

Recalling Your Faith Journey

I Am With You Always

Ask God to awaken in you, during this period of prayer, the gift of remembering; bring to mind in you whatever it would be good for you to notice. 

Now simply let the 'landscape' of your life unfold before your mind's eye, and let your attention roam where it will within that landscape. 

The following questions may help you in your reflection: 

Where, in your life's journey so far, have the special moments been; the milestones and the mountain tops ( events, people, places ... )? 

What gifts was God giving you in these times? 

What about the valleys and the deserts - times of darkness, pain, or confusion? Where is the Lord in these? Where has God seemed absent? 

Where have you come to crossroads, rivers to cross, a choice of paths - places of decision or crisis? How has God guided you in these times? 

Draw a 'map' of your journey, in whatever way you like. You might want to use a picture, or words, or symbols - make use of whatever is most meaningful to you. 

Spend some time sharing your memories and your map with God - let the Spirit lead you here. What does God want to show you? 

Finally, as you stand again in the present moment, what might you need to ask God for to help you move forward on your journey?

You might today like to try listening to one of these reflections - Meditations on the love of God


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