Day 27 - Consolation

A person looking towards a shining light

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John 2:6-11

Now there were six stone water-jars standing in that place, in accordance with the purification rites of the Judaeans, going up to two or three measures. Jesus says to [the servants], ‘Fill up the water-jars with water.’ And they filled them, right to the top. And he says to them, ‘Now draw and take to the master of the feast’, and they took it. And when the master of the feast tasted the water, which had become wine, he didn’t know where it was from, although the servants who had drawn water knew, the master of the feast calls the bridegroom and says to him, ‘People generally set out the good wine first, and [then] when people are drunk, the inferior. You have kept the good wine till now.’

The first of the signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee and revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.


This happened in Cana, at the wedding feast, when Jesus produced an abundance of wine.  We are told that after this first sign the disciples believed in him.  So when we see the world is good, and that God is blessing us, we can then recognise the unique glory that is Jesus Christ. His glory shines out amidst the conviviality of such a gathering where a miracle of love, two people who choose freely to commit their lives to each other, is witnessed. The glory of Jesus is of an omnipotent God who has chosen to share his life with us, to take on our human fragility, to live and walk amongst us, to drink and laugh with us. This is not the glory of an inaccessible throne, shrouded in uncreated light, but the glory of closeness, the glory of an honoured guest who delights in being associated with us. When we see our frail humanity is made divine – when we recognise the limitless potential of our sharing in the divine life – the glory of this puts everything else in the shade. That glory is undimmed as he shares the darker parts of our lives, even as he enters our loneliness and is present to our shame. May I always recognise such eternal glory lest I am misled to chase after my own fleeting glory.

Mosaic of the Wedding at Cana. Jesus and Mary stand near some jars.


Oh Glorious One, may I be allowed to live in your presence, to reflect your glory in my own clumsy way.

Like St Thomas, may I be permitted to touch your glorious wounded body.

Like Mary, may I witness your glory in the midst of human life. 

May I be present to celebrations and bask in the Glory of a God who wishes to share in our life.

May I always be close when you choose to reveal your glory. Amen


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