Day 25 - Consolation

A young boy looking up.

Day 25 - listen here

Genesis 1:27, 29-31

And God made humanity; according to the image of God he made them; male and female he made them…

And God said, ‘Look – I have given you every [kind of] grass that sows seed which is upon all the earth, and every tree which has in itself fruit that sows seed; it will serve as food for you.

And to all the wild beasts of the earth, and to all the birds of heaven, and to every creepy-crawly that crawls upon the earth, which has life in itself, every green plant for food.’ And it was so!

And God saw everything that he had made, and look! It was very good.


Our world is not a cold and lonely place but, on the contrary, ‘it is good’. We were told this right at the beginning. Sometimes we need to hold onto this way of seeing the world. It is not our enemy, nor is it indifferent. Sometimes God seems to be hidden, but more often that not we have grown tired of looking for goodness. Evil is fascinating, distracting; it dominates our media, our newspapers and timelines: ‘If it bleeds, it leads’. However, we need to free ourselves from the twitching curtains of the media and practise looking at a world bathed in Easter light.  With ‘Christian contact lenses’, we see, with hope and firm faith in the resurrection, that the good that God saw in Genesis will always outlast the evil of Calvary.  We remember how Jesus looked at the rich young man or the women caught in adultery, at the bashful Peter who had denied him. He loved them, because he could see their potential, their deep-down goodness, and we are asked to gaze on the world and others with his eyes. Let’s remember how God beholds us as we approach our place of prayer.  Maybe we can hear him say, ‘This is my son, my daughter, the beloved, my favour rests on them’

A mosaic depicting creation with Jesus in the centre, birds, fishes and the stars/sun/moon


Loving creator, may I look today, at all the people I meet,

the lives I cross, with your eyes.

May I see the deep-down goodness even amidst the fear, the pain and the anger.

May you bless my eyes, so that through your loving gaze

I may help to recreate the world. Amen.


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