Day 25 | 31 days of St Ignatius 2018

St Ignatius at Manresa


St Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits - in 1540. Today, over 16,000 Jesuits carry out their mission in more than a hundred countries, serving alongside many thousands of partners-in-mission, religious and lay. Jesuits serve in a wide variety of capacities: as writers and doctors, parish priests and chaplains, teachers and researchers, spiritual directors and artists, astronomers and linguists. The mission is and always has been rich and multi-faceted.

All this reflects a unique spirituality. St Ignatius wrote his Spiritual Exercises to give Christians an experience of the love of God in such a way that it could become the very centre of their lives. Ignatian spirituality sets a person free to find God’s will for them by a process of spiritual discernment, and then generously to put it into practice.

So who can tell us more about St Ignatius and his teaching? How can we learn from Ignatian Spirituality to deepen our own prayer by having that personal encounter with God - that face-to-face conversation?

The Bishops' conference of England and Wales visited Campion Hall in Oxford to speak to Dr Rob Marsh SJ.

Three Jesuit Scholastics tell us what Ignatian Spirituality is to them. Philip Harrison SJ, Kensy Joseph SJ and Bastiaan van Rooijen SJ.

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