Day 24 - Challenge - Going Deeper

Clouds with light shining through

Day 24 - listen here


We’re all familiar with the idiom ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. It can sometimes sound twee or hollow, especially if we hear – or even say – it as a thinly-disguised trivialising of a very real concern.

The call we have heard from a God who meets and knows each of us, in all of our complications and confusion, is not a promise of sunshine and blue skies: the horizon of discipleship is littered with clouds, in the form of questions and doubts about our response (or lack of it) to God, raised not just by others but also by ourselves.

But we are not asked to airbrush those clouds out of the picture of our life with Christ, nor even to wait for them to pass. We are called to be with Christ in Gethsemane, as he accepted what was to come to him, and then with him in his Passion – it is the suffering Christ in whose company we spend the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises. And then, just as the wounds of the crucified Christ found their place in the body of the Risen Lord, the fears and failings that God finds us with are taken up into our life with him … and can even be the very instruments that allow us to witness to him.

You might like to choose from these resources connected to this week's theme to help with your prayer and reflection:

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Mary of Bethany - This reflection by James Hanvey SJ allows us to pray with the Passion narrative from the point of view of Mary.

This week's reflections were written by Theodora Hawksley CJ

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