Day 20 | 31 days of St Ignatius 2018

People waiting on a platform for a train.


The Examen at work

This examen is for use if you are part of a team, organisation or a group (in workplace or in voluntary capacity) and want to think and pray about God's place in this work. You may find it helpful to meet together to pray with this examen, or more practical to use on your own. 

  • How often do I and my team stop and assess where the Holy Spirit has been in our work?
  • How often do you pray together, as a team, recognising how you are being moved by the Spirit?
  • How many groups do you meet about where you are feeling a bit on edge regarding the outcome?
  • Does your use of language involve ‘us/them’ or is it more inclusive?
  • When did you/we last take risks?
  • How open are we to receiving from those we are trying to reach?
  • What do we do to allow ourselves to be nourished and develop ourselves through others?
  • What in our recent work has given new hope and joy?
  • Do we dare to look foolish?
  • Has a spirit other than the Spirit of God determined what you do? 

An Examen for the end of the week

The prayer aims to allow you to understand how God works in your life through your thoughts, actions, and feelings. This Examen can be used everyday but is particularly designed for the end of the working week.

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