Day 16 - Call - Going Deeper

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Day 16 - Call - listen here


The connotations of the word “call”, as we use it in our day-to-day lives, tend to be of something public – trying to attract someone’s attention, for example, or referring to someone’s given name. But the way in which all of the people whom we have met this week have been called by God have been individual and private, even if they have been dramatic!

Reflecting on these personal calls can help us to cultivate the deep familiarity with Christ to which we are invited in the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises. The God we have met in the circumstances of our lives calls each one of us using words, signs and events that will capture our particular imaginations and prompt us to respond as only we can. God knows and loves each one of us intimately; he knows which facet of our characters or lives he can utilise to draw us to himself most fully, so that we can come to know him as he knows us. Whether it is our curiosity or obedience, apprehension or stubbornness, humility or reputation or zeal – any part of us can be a channel through which God calls us, so that we, in turn, might get to know him, and discover how we can be channels of his peace.

Answering that call might demand different things from each of us, but God issues to each of us an invitation to life with him, spoken straight to our hearts, in a way that only we can hear.

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This week's reflections were written by Luke Taylor SJ.

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