Day 15 | 31 days of St Ignatius 2018

A person sitting on a bench  on horizon with  just sky visible around them


The Examen

The Examen is a prayer of review - a short reflection back over the day, recalling events and taking note of your feelings. The word Examen is Spanish for examination, an examination of your day and how God was at work.

The purpose is to become more aware of the ways in which God has been present to you, the times when the Holy Spirit was drawing you towards life.

Although coming from an older monastic tradition, St Ignatius recommended it to his earliest followers.  It was the key prayer for Ignatius.  When early Jesuits found themselves too busy to fit in all their usual prayers, Ignatius gave them permission to pray less, but told them to keep up the examen.

We will work our way through a number of different types and format of examen prayer over the coming days, but first we listen to this introduction to the examen from Pray as you go.


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