Sadhana - A Way to God -- Awareness & Meditation

Tuesday 14 Jan - Tuesday 18 Feb 2020 (11:00am - 12:30pm)
Published on 14 Nov 2019

Based on the work of Anthony de Mello

An opportunity to be guided through a series of exercises taken from Anthony de Mello’s book ‘Sadhana – A Way to God’.

Most people, de Mello maintained, are asleep, they need to wake up, open their eyes, see what is real, both inside and outside of themselves. The greatest human gift is to be aware, to be in touch with oneself, one’s body, mind feelings, thoughts, and sensations, and so becoming more aware of all that is around us - Sadhana helps us to do this.

Beginning with developing stillness and awareness, we then move onto the use of our imagination and into opening our lives more fully to the love of God.

Each week we will experience two of the exercises that you will then be invited to practise during the week. 

Course Details


Mount Street Jesuit Centre
114 Mount Street
W1K 3AH London


14th January 2020 to 18th February 2020


Suggested donation

Sixty pounds

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