How Well Do I Listen?

Saturday 15 Jun 2019 (11:00am - 4:00pm)
Published on 18 Mar 2019

Active listening can transform both the listener and the speaker. When we are really listened to we feel different. When we really listen to others they feel different. Yet so many things get in the way: our own priorities, needs, anxieties, etc. And yet attentive listening, often to the unspoken message, is at the root of all good communication and it is a skill that can be learnt and practiced. It involves taking people seriously, affirming their value and dignity.

This interactive day is concerned with improving our skills when listening to ourselves, and to others, and perhaps also to God.

Event Details


Mount Street Jesuit Centre
114 Mount street
W1K 3AH London


15th June 2019


Suggested donation

Thirty pounds

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