Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living

Tuesday 26 Sep 2017 - Tuesday 08 May 2018 (6:45pm)
Published on 07 Apr 2017
Growth in Prayer Group

2017-2018 (starting September 26th, 2017)

A one year programme (30 x 2½ hour sessions) for those who want a closer relationship with God, who struggle with prayer, who want to make choices that are in tune with God’s dream for the world. No expertise in prayer or reflection is required. The course is open to all, of whatever denomination or none. So come along, whether you have a specific reason for doing the course of simply want space to explore and reflect on your life in relationship to God, self and others. Course application deadline is 15 September 2017 (though see below if financial assistance is required)

The Course

The course aims to provide participants with prayer resources and reflection skills that will help them:

Deepen their relationship with God

Become more aware of the sense and direction of their lives

Make choices that reflect their self-identity within an understanding of God’s hopes for the world

Develop a spirituality that shapes their response to life.

Towards this end, and within the framework of the Christian liturgical year, the course provides opportunities to:

Reflect on our understanding of God and self

Become aware of the many ways in which God communicates with us

Become familiar with different methods of prayer as tools for engaging in conversation with God

Explore some spiritualities as responses to God’s communication

Develop skills for reflective living

Explore the relationship between prayer and engagement with the world.

Explore how to support your faith journey

Develop a personal spirituality that integrates prayer and life, and helps shape your response to the latter.


The method is reflective and experience-based. Sessions include team input, guided experiences of prayer, time for quiet personal prayer, and opportunities for listening and sharing. The five full days allow more time for personal prayer. The fifth of these, the final day of the course, will be a day of retreat.

Included for participants are six sessions of individual spiritual accompaniment. These will run from December till May.

What Follows the Course?

The course is complete in itself. However, it is also a foundation for future possibilities, such as:

Individual spiritual accompaniment;

Retreats of various kinds, including the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius

Training to facilitate days/afternoons/evenings with groups;

Training in spiritual conversation;

Training as a spiritual guide for one-to-one and retreat work, with the possibility of eventual work in this area

Course Details


Ignatian Spirituality Centre
35 Scott Street
G3 6PE Glasgow


26th September 2017 to 8th May 2018