In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius

Monday 27 Jul - Monday 03 Aug 2020 (5:50pm - 10:50am)
Published on 07 Feb 2020

Travel across Spain in the footsteps of Saint Ignatius visiting: Loyola, Pamplona, Manresa, Montserrat and Barcelona.

Pilgrims begin with three nights in the Hotel Arrupe, which is situated on the square by the Sanctuary at the heart of Loyola. (Click for Video) Accommodation is in rooms with en-suite facilities and we shall be having full-board with wine at lunch and dinner. 

Loyola is the village of Ignatius’ birth: where we will visit the tower-house of his birth, the chapel of his conversion. (Holy House).

We shall also walk to the nearby local town of Azpeitia to visit the church where Ignatius was baptised and the hospital where he stayed and preached.

We walk along the River Urola pedestrian way to the town of Azkoitia where Inigo's mother was born to see her family house. 

We also see the venerable Hermitage of Olatz.

We travel across Spain by coach, visiting Pamplona where Ignatius was struck by the fateful cannon-ball.

We then travel on to Montserrat. We spend four nights in the Hotel Abbot Cisneros in Montserrat. The hotel is a beautifully converted historic building, next door to the monastery.  All bedrooms have en-suite facilities.  We will have full-board our first day in Montserrat and half-board on our days out to Manresa and Barcelona.  We have a full day in Montserrat, a day in Manresa and a final day in the city of Barcelona seeing the sites associated with the life of Ignatius with some time for private sightseeing.

The story of the life of Ignatius will be told as we follow in his footsteps. Holy Mass will be celebrated every day; usually in the holy sites. In Montserrat the Mass will be in Catalan, otherwise we celebrate Mass in English.

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Spain of St Ignatius Loyola, Montserrat


27th July 2020 to 3rd August 2020


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