Feed your Marriage with God's Word - A Way to Reflect on the Sunday Scriptures Together

Saturday 06 Oct 2018 (11:00am - 4:00pm)
Published on 17 Jul 2018

This one day workshop will introduce and explore the dynamics of the trilogy of books ‘I Am With You' (IAWY), which are written in conjunction with the 3 year liturgical cycle of the Church. These unique books are designed  to help a couple to see more clearly how God is at the centre of their relationship. We shall look  at various ways to aid listening to each other and to God,  specifically through reflecting upon Scripture and discerning what God may be saying about life together as a couple. Accepting and recognising that each relationship is unique, just as each person is, and loved by God just as they are, IAWY aims to help couples to appreciate and value their uniqueness, as well as God's loving care for them in their daily and future life together.

The day will be based around our course called I AM WITH YOU: ALL-WAYS. At some point we shall discuss the idea that any attendees who wished to, could present it themselves to other couples in their parish/deanery, incorporating the central ideas and content of the day. Longer term, there may even come a time when couples who have experienced this course, could form small groups with the idea of reflecting on the Scriptures together. Again, this would offer the support which helps sustain and nourish marriage.  

As co-authors of IAWY, along with three other married couples and a priest, we have sought, through these resources and our work as a group, to support and affirm marriage.  Our particular aim is, and has been, to raise both its profile and highlight the distinction between marital and family spirituality, which is often confused within the Church. We have had a great response and support from the hierarchy for this. Although involved in marriage ministries for forty years, this current endeavour has been a journey of love for over 13 years.  The primary purpose of this workshop is to offer you the time, space and means to reflect on ways to affirm, support and enrich  your own relationship, but also to highlight the fundamental meaning and importance of marriage, by way of considering together what God may be saying about that through Scripture. 


I Am With You  will be purchasable on the day. Also available to download free of charge from our website (www.twoinoneflesh.org.uk), is the online, reduced down to 60 words, edition of the reflections from IAWY: MARRIAGE MATTERS, currently used worldwide in various parish newsletters and websites.

Event Details


Mount Street Jesuit Centre
114 Mount street
W1K 3AH London


6th October 2018


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Thirty pounds