Discernment Weekend for Older Men

Friday 02 - Sunday 04 Sep 2022 (4:00pm)
Published on 09 Nov 2021

Are you a man over thirty, wondering whether a change of direction in life may be an option, perhaps towards priesthood or religious life?  The primary focus of the weekend is the possibility of priestly vocation in later life so it is limited to men between the ages of 30 and 55. However, it is also suitable for men not specifically considering priesthood as it is not expected that any major choice or commitment will be made during the weekend. It will take place in a prayerful spirit and aims to provide tools for reflection and discernment about future choices. It will be mainly in silence but there will be some input and the opportunity for one-to-one guidance.

Fr Peter Verity is Spiritual Director at the Beda College in Rome which trains men over 30 for priesthood. https://bedacollege.org/

It costs around £24,000 per week to run St Beuno’s.  The suggested offerings indicated help us to cover our costs, but no-one should feel excluded for financial reasons and bursaries are available. Click File HERE for further details.

If you would like to donate to our Bursary fund and enable others to visit St Beuno’s, please contact us via [email protected] or speak to us when you are here.

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Retreat Details


St Beuno's
LL17 0AS St Asaph


2nd September 2022 to 4th September 2022
Standard Room:
Ensuite £230 Simple £156

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