Contemplative Retreat at the House of Prayer

Thursday 19 - Saturday 28 Sep 2019 (12:00pm)
Published on 06 Mar 2018
Colwyn Bay

Led by Fr. Anton Altnoeder SJ & Team

These Retreats, with individual daily guidance, are for those seeking an Introduction to the Contemplative Way of Praying & Living and to the Jesus Prayer, in the way of Fr Franz Jalics SJ.

This style is also called a school for meditation rooted in the personal lived experience of Fr. Franz Jalics SJ and his retreat work as Director of Haus Gries Retreat House which he founded in Germany in 1984.

Franz Jalics says,

‘There are many paths to contemplation.  I show you one of them. I’m conscious of the fact that God leads many people to contemplation without any external help. Frequently he uses natural circumstances. A simple life of love, some years on a sickbed, a brush with death, the leaving of one’s homeland in order to live among the poor, and other events can lead to contemplation. I do not want to exalt my way above others. On the contrary I am very happy that they exist and I appreciate them. I myself have walked the way I describe: should it help someone else to find his or her way I am satisfied.’

For further information and an Application Form email the Administrator at: [email protected]

Tel: 01492 514223


Retreat Details


House of Prayer, St Augustine's Priory
Cliff Road
LL29 9RW Old Colwyn , CWY


19th September 2019 to 28th September 2019

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