Barmouth 8 day IGR

Wednesday 19 - Friday 28 Jul 2017 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)
Published on 15 May 2017
The beach at Barmouth

Barmouth, on the mid-Wales coast, is an excellent setting for a silent retreat. The Jesuit house faces the sea and there is a path down to a wonderful beach just 7 minutes away and hills rise up to over 1000 feet immediately behind the house. There are individual bedrooms, and a simple prayerful chapel for daily mass at 5.30pm and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the evening. Under half a mile away, there is a small and beautiful medieval church which is always open: a wonderful place for prayer. The main meal of each day is in the early evening after mass. Food for sandwiches is put out after breakfast, thus enabling retreatants to be out all day if they wish. Both retreats are very suitable for people who find the quiet of the countryside conducive to prayer and who may be discerning how the Lord is calling them in their daily lives.

To benefit from this retreat you will have to be able to climb stairs as there are no ground floor bedrooms.

Retreat Details


The Villa
Froneleu Terrace


19th July 2017 to 28th July 2017
Standard Room:
Young Adult Lower income rate: £205