Another View on Why Jesus Died: At-One-Ment

Saturday 21 Mar 2020 (11:00am - 4:00pm)
Published on 13 Feb 2020

"...we turned the cross into a transaction and so missed its transformative message for humanity...". Richard Rohr

People wonder why Jesus had to die.  It seems implausible that there is a God who demands a price for sin who you could actually love.   

As Holy Week draws near here is an opportunity to reimagine salvation, to think and begin to feel your faith in a freeer way.  Using Girardian themes of mimesis and the scapegoat mechanism David will attempt to draw you into a vaster & life giving conversation about believing in Jesus.

Event Details


Mount Street Jesuit Centre
114 Mount Street
W1K 3AH London


21st March 2020


Suggested donation

Thirty pounds

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