19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises

Published on 06 Jul 2021

Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius

‘I ask for knowledge of all I have received, that stirred to profound gratitude I may become able to love and serve God in all things’  [Sp Exx 233]

In St Beuno’s the Spiritual Exercises are currently given in a variety of forms (30 Day Full Spiritual Exercises Retreat and the Full Spiritual Exercises in 2 or 3 Stages). We are now extending this further and offering the Spiritual Exercises as a retreat in daily life. This is also known as the 19th Annotation.

The 19th Annotation retreat involves weekly meetings with a spiritual director, where retreatants will be guided through the Spiritual Exercises following a pattern of meditation, contemplation, Scripture, and other prayers. This 19th Annotation retreat will be delivered online via Zoom and usually lasts between nine and twelve months depending on the time the retreatant is able to give to the retreat alongside their daily life. There could also be the option of coming to St Beuno’s as part of the experience, depending on the availability of the retreat director, but the retreat can also be done entirely via Zoom.

Participants are strongly encouraged to give time and energy to this retreat and commit to a daily period of private prayer (often for up to an hour) as well as weekly (or occasionally bi-weekly) meetings with their spiritual director. In order to discern together whether it is appropriate to undertake the full Exercises in daily life, the director often suggests a 6 to 8 week period praying with the initial meditations (disposition time) so the retreatant can discover if they can give the time necessary for the retreat.

The suggested offering for this retreat is £500 which covers all the direction sessions for this retreat.

For an application form please contact St Beuno’s office:  [email protected]It costs around £24,000 per week to run St Beuno’s.  The suggested offerings indicated help us to cover our costs, but no-one should feel excluded for financial reasons and bursaries are available. Click File HERE for further details.

If you would like to donate to our Bursary fund and enable others to visit St Beuno’s, please contact us via [email protected] or speak to us when you are here.

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