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What are you looking for?  Whether you have just started to think about God at work in your life, or whether you want to deepen an already fulfilling relationship, we have trained spiritual guides and a wide ranging programme which can help you on your journey.
Explore here the ways that the Jesuits in Britain can help you find God, and learn more about your faith and how it fits in your world.

What's happening?

Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living
Beginners Prayer and Spirituality
16 Sep 2020 - 26 May 2021 (11:40am)
two children talking
Deepening Prayer and Spirituality
Spiritual Accompaniment and Prayer Guiding
19 Sep 2020 - 22 May 2021 (11:50am)
St Ignatius at Manresa by A Chevallier Tayler
Full Spiritual Exercises (30 Days)
Full Spiritual Exercises in stages
21 Sep - 02 Oct 2020 (4:00pm - 9:15am)
Art group at the last Friends' Weekend
General event
02 Oct - 04 Oct 2020
St Beuno's
Individually guided 2-8 Day
02 - 09 Oct 2020 (4:00pm - 9:15am)
Weekend Retreat
Individually guided 2-8 Day
Beginners Retreat
02 - 04 Oct 2020 (4:00pm)
Themed Retreat
05 - 09 Oct 2020 (4:00pm - 9:15am)
The blessed sacrament in the chapel at St Beunos
Individually guided 2-8 Day
05 - 09 Oct 2020 (4:00pm - 9:15am)