Credit Deane Kay

Meals are served in the dining room.  Our chefs provide a daily changing menu of home-cooked meals with fresh fruit and vegetables. 


We can meet some of the catering needs of guests with medically diagnosed allergies and special diets – these include gluten free, dairy free, allergies to nuts or shellfish, other medically diagnosed allergies, diabetics. We can also cater for vegetarians (please let us know if you eat fish) and vegans.  

All dietary needs should be raised when booking.  It is not possible for us to meet special dietary needs that are only made known to us on arrival.


  • A variety of cereals, cornflakes, muesli etc.
  • Hot porridge
  • Fresh fruit as well as apple puree or prunes
  • Toast and marmalade, honey or jam
  • Locally produced fruit or plain yogurt
  • Grilled bacon, eggs, tomatoes (except on Friday)
  • Coffee, teas, fruit-juice, milk


  •  Main Course - a wide variety of meals ranging from a roast Sunday lunch to a mild chicken curry with naan bread and poppadums or fresh fish, chips and peas
  • Salad table
  • Dessert: a wide selection of hot and cold desserts
  • Cheese and biscuits and fresh fruit
  • Fresh coffee or teas

On Friday we serve soup and cheese for lunch.

 Evening Meal

  • Home-made soup
  • Savoury main course 
  • Salad table
  • Cheese and biscuits and fresh fruit
  • Coffee or teas

If we have agreed to cater for a particular diet, we respectfully request that guests take the food that has been provided for them (and is labelled with their name) and do not request what is offered to other guests.

Given the scale of our catering and the limited budget within which we operate, it is no longer possible for us to meet the preferences of guests who prefer not to eat certain foods, for example onions, tomatoes, cheese etc.  We ensure that there is sufficient fruit, bread, salads and vegetables for people who may prefer not to eat a particular meal.