The Glasgow Jesuit Volunteers is a group of people who reach out to others, sometimes on the margins of society, who need a helping hand. The group was established by the Jesuits, the religious order that run St Aloysius Church and College in Glasgow.

The spirituality is based of that of the founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius Loyola.

We provide regular opportunity for volunteers to reflect together on their experience. Groups are facilitated by trained Spiritual guides.

St Ignatius regarded social action as one of the fundamental foundations of Christian life, and so his spirituality - Ignatian spirituality - is at the heart of the reflection programme.

Volunteers make three commitments:

1. Commit to volunteering: offering your love and your service to those who need it - for a season (minimum of one year), part-time for 2-8 hours a week or comparable hours monthly.

2. Commit to reflection: on an individual basis (through personal prayer, scriptural reading, and keeping a journal of your volunteer experiences); through quarterly peer group reflection meetings (sharing with other volunteers your various experiences).

3. Commit to community: both to Jesuit Volunteers as your sending community (by prioritising monthly peer group meetings); and to your volunteering placement as your receiving community (by your care for those in need).

A volunteering placement to suit you

Talk to our other Jesuit volunteers to find a placement that would suit you. Our members work in foodbanks, day and night shelters, charity shops and with refugees.

Placements are available with a variety of people who need a helping hand. Your skills will be put to good use. Cooking, sewing, organising, listening, language skills, teaching, whatever you are good at, there is likely to be someone who can benefit.

How much time does it take?

We ask for a 4 hour meeting each quarter to reflect on volunteering, and then how much time you can afford depends upon you and your placement.

A Christian group

Glasgow Jesuit Volunteers are part of the Jesuits in Britain, a Roman Catholic Religious Order. You don't have to be a churchgoing Catholic to join, but our meetings do presume a belief in a God who loves us and those we work with and a belief in Christ. 

For further details please contact Fr David Birchall SJ 

Glasgow Jesuit Volunteers meet quarterly at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre, 35 Scott St, Glasgow G3 6PA  Webpage: www.gjv.org.uk