Walking with the marginalised

Three Proposals for November: 1: Learn about the political and social situation in this region but also about efforts and initiatives that promote reconciliation and peace. 2: Find out about institutions that support victims of war and religious...
Pomegranites and mint tea
To break up the day, I offer different events each hour once we open at 10:00: At 11:00, I bring out baskets of donated shoes. At 12:00, I bring out bins of housewares, toys and other goods. At 1:00, we have a little raffle. I choose three of the...
A thrift store.
The training was about Psychological Informed Environments (PIE). This is an initiative that is being developed and implemented in the homeless sector. The presentation was made by a psychologist and an Occupational Therapist. The theory is to...
Two people writing on a whiteboard
Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ
Faith and justice are undivided in the Gospel which teaches that faith makes its power felt through love.  Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ Image: two people shaking hands
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