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When I get up in the morning When I pray, and how When I eat, and what I eat What tasks I carry out, how well I do them When I rest, and how I refresh my soul Whom I speak with, what we talk about, for how long. These daily decisions will determine...
Shoes with arrows indicating directions
I need not have worried about oversleeping; a flash of lightning carried an unmistakeable message closely followed by thunder and the clatter of very heavy rain. I was up in good time to do all that I needed to do and still get to church in time,...
Lightening over the city
St Augustine of Hippo
You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.  St Augustine of Hippo A person's boots at rest on a mountain hike
They are like peas in a pod but this little hood, when they are dry, snaps open with just a little pressure. No other type of nuts, that I know of, has this facility - we have to use a 'nut cracker'! How many things in God's plans make life easier?...
Peanuts for sale
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