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This feels like a stark contrast to the news before the pandemic appeared when the focus seemed to be much more about difficulties and selfish and uncaring behaviours. These changes in both the way we are behaving and the reporting of these positive...
A sticker that says 'Be Kind'
St Francis of Assisi
Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules us  St Francis of Assisi  Image: pastoral scene with sheep
The image of this beautiful young birch tree reminded me that what is old in us can still be beautiful and new growth and new life can still happen and the two can blend perfectly together, even compliment each other. It is all part of us and...
A tree with brown leaves and green leaves showing through
Pentecost Sequence (tr. Edward Caswall)
Holy Spirit, Lord of light, From Thy clear celestial height Thy pure beaming radiance give. Pentecost Sequence (tr. Edward Caswall) Image: cloud with light streaming
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