Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

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A chalked sign on the ground #Love One Another
Peter O’Sullivan SJ
A pile of pancakes with blueberries
Firstly, any dust that has accumulated on the sofa needs to be swept away. This is akin to us making a resolution to turn away from habits and practices that are unhelpful in our journey with God. Next, the sofa is cleaned with a “clean and renew”...
A hand in yellow rubber gloves holding a bottle of cleaner. "Protect and Preserve"
Gerard W Hughes SJ
God calls us out of ourselves and beyond ourselves. Gerry W Hughes SJ
Or in the beauty of sunshine shining through leaves. I pray that I can be more attentive to the gentle breeze.
Light shining on leaves of a Japanese maple
Geoff te Braake SJ
A path across the plains in Kenya
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