Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

Maybe you were involved in the school Nativity play. My ability as an actor was never fully recognised since the height of my acting career was fifteenth shepherd (in field –sitting). I never actually got to Bethlehem, never stood with my mates...
An Advent calendar in chocolate.
Fr Paul Nicholson SJ
A person with their feet in front of a hearth.
It was gloriously sunny; Robins were singing; there was no rain but a crisp blue frosty November Friday. I am blessed by being retired so I decided to walk down to the sea front and enjoy the view avoiding the hordes of vehicles heading in to the...
The seaside in winter
As a family we would gather, usually on a Saturday evening, to pray together. A short reading from the Sunday readings would be read by one of us. We would take it in turns, because there were four children. We would also take it in turns to be the...
Four candle lit reflected
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