Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

Even so, sometimes the metaphor of God as a kind of sculptor or painter can be helpful. When I think of the mountains and the clouds, I think of broad brush strokes, like the beginnings of a painting by Turner. Actually, the film "Mr Turner" by Mike...
Lichen on trees in a forest in winter
Paul Nicholson SJ
A red candle
Precisely because I do not subordinate to textbooks, I am always curious to see what the students make of the content of classes and never more so than what Buddhist-Shintoists might make of Christmas. And among the students, there might be the odd...
A blackboard with a Christmas decoration across it
So, as I walked down the road to post the letters, I began to reflect on other skills I might be in danger of losing, and of the sensual nature of Christmas. There is the sound of the post landing on the mat – an audible thud at this time of year;...
A bauble on a Christmas tree
Paul Nicholson SJ
A woman leaning against a wall
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