Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

Christus Vivit, 138
The love of God and our relationship with the living Christ do not hold us back from dreaming; they do not require us to narrow our horizons  Christus Vivit 138 Image: a boat on the ocean with stars above, reflected in the water
Geoff te Braake SJ
Sprouts of seeds growing
They have been in place for a few years now and so have strong roots. Since they flower on this year’s growth they can be cut right back at the end of their season. Now, one of the characteristics of the clematis is that it is an enthusiastic...
Clematis flowers
I think it's also to do with modern life though: the power of the internet, smartphones and social media has contracted my attention span I am sure. And then again, I just feel I'm not so capable of relaxing enough to read a book, because there is...
A man reading on a bench by the sea
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