Living Theology

Friday 26 - Sunday 28 May 2017 (6:30pm - 5:00pm)
Published on 29 Nov 2016
Living Theology

The Living Theology Course offers a weekend of serious, yet lively study on topics of interest relating to Scripture, religious tradition, faith, morals, history etc.
There are four courses available in lecture and seminar style.
This is very much a community event and open to all who are interested in Christian study. 
No previous experience in theological study is necessary; the course is aimed at the intelligent non-specialist.

Four Courses

James Crampsey SJ

This is a course for all participants. Fr Crampsey will be looking at what is the nature of a parable and what did Jesus intend by telling these stories?
He will help the whole group consider these timeless stories of Jesus from Scripture.

Kensy Joseph SJ
TO AN UNKNOWN GOD 'How Science Worships what Religion Proclaims'
The scientific quest seeks to study the mechanisms that govern living beings, societies and the universe itself; but at the deepest level it seeks that which is far beyond any of these. A look at the interplay between faith and reason, theology and science.
s Religion Incompatible with Science?
What does Science Really Seek? 
Finding the Logos in the World:

Dr Catriona Fletcher
FUTURE CHURCH IN SCOTLAND Ecclesiology for a post-modern age
We live in a time of unprecedented change which is providing new challenges to the Church. 
Is the model of Catholic Church that has served us well since the Restoration of the Hierarchy in 1878 sustainable?
What are the pastoral needs of today? Can the Church respond creatively?

Henry Longbottom SJ
CHRIST IN EUROPE Christ, Ignatius and the European Project
This course will look at the current European Union crisis, exploring how to interpret the signs of the times from a specifically Christian and Ignatian perspective.   Is there more to the European Project than the financial aspect that the British media almost exclusively focus on? The principle of countries working together also has implications for Scotland as part of the United Kingdom.

Course Details


Ignatian Spirituality Centre
35 Scott Street
G3 6PE Glasgow


26th May 2017 to 28th May 2017

Suggested donation

£10 deposit required - pay what you can afford.